About Us

We are the magpies of IT and business solution outsourcing based in Ahmedabad. We have a presence in nearly all major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Pune, and also an international office in California. Our aim is to simplify cloud computing and other forms of business process outsourcing for companies of all statures and categories. Our subject knowledge is unmatched and our service is as quick and efficient as can be. We know exactly what we do and where we wish to go!

Some of our major services include:

1) Cloud Computing :-

As a result of a major surge in the startup trend and a more strategic management of resources in both small and large companies, cloud computing has become a widely accepted way of accessing software, work platforms and the IT infrastructure on the whole. Most of the times, it makes sense for companies to use the software services they require through a set of servers in remote locations instead of setting up the entire infrastructure in their own premises. At Bitscape, we facilitate the same in a most secure, reliable and robust manner. We specialize in providing cloud based services to companies of all stages, sizes and categories.

2) Business Intelligence and Analytics :-

If cloud was the last big thing that took the IT world by a storm, BI is the thing doing the rounds now, with even greater intensity! We vouch for the power of analytics on businesses big and small. We have the best BI experts working for us at Bitscape, and a blooming clientele of firms that have benefitted immensely from our data based visualizations. So if you haven’t already taken the plunge into the big wide world of knowledge engineering, do so now with the cost-effective packages Bitscape is offering.

3) Web Portal Designing and Maintenance :-

Maintaining a strong web portal is a full time job in itself. It requires expertise, experience and dedication. Hiring an on-site professional to perform the same is in many cases costlier than outsourcing to a third-party. At Bitscape, we specialize in managing web portals for companies and individuals. We are great at tailoring them just to meet the client’s requirements.

Go through our services to get a detailed view of what all we have on offer. Contact us for any further queries and we will be damn quick to respond!